International Cover

The MPLC either directly or through our EU collaboration with Specialist Risk Europe Ltd provides (re)insurance for a broad spectrum of medical professional liability risks from territories where Lloyd’s holds specific licences or authorisations. To see all territories click here.

Working with an international network licensed (re)insurance brokers. Our clients are based in: the UK, Africa and Middle East, Asia & Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America as well as North America.

For further details regarding Lloyd’s global offices and global presence around the world click here.

Clinical Services Performed Outside the USA

Via our international network of approved (re)insurance brokers and insurance advisers, The MPLC provides insurance and reinsurance protection for US companies, affinity groups and individuals who provide clinical services outside the USA.

Examples of which include US Companies and Universities that:

  • Manage, operate or own hospitals in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America or elsewhere in the world;
  • Provide international healthcare consultancy services;
  • Offer international placements for physicians, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professional including students;
  • Provide humanitarian, charitable and other health services and education internationally;
  • Provide medical services at multi-national mining and oil exploration companies for on- site expatriate and local staff;
  • Provide treatment at major international private hospitals and schools which may treat US Nationals working in, studying or visiting their city;
  • Provide medical services and beauty treatments on-board Caribbean and transatlantic cruise ships.

Subject to local licensing requirements, insurance and facultative reinsurance can also be provided for captives based in Bermuda, Cayman or elsewhere for companies providing non-US medical services.

  • Maximum limits are USD15M any one claim and USD30M in the annual aggregate.
  • Jurisdiction – worldwide (including claims made in the USA)

Our unique skill-set and extensive international network allows us to provide a 24/7 legal help-line and ‘first dollar’ legal support and assistance for adverse clinical events which occur outside the US.

For further details regarding working with The MPLC, please contact us..