A Reputation For Quality And Added Value

With over 80 years’ combined experience in providing international medical professional liability insurance, The MPLC has a proven track record and a global reputation for quality, adding value with a wide range of tailored client services. 

  • Integrity - We take pride in delivering our promises – doing what we say we will do and when. Open, transparent and straight-talking at all times, we adhere to the highest ethical standards, which is why we are trusted by healthcare institutions and professionals and organisations worldwide.
  • Dedication - We are a service-oriented company dedicated solely to providing medical professional liability insurance products and services. We work hard to build long-term relationships, providing excellent cover backed by a responsive approach, including 24/7 legal advice, to generate total confidence.
  • Expertise - We know our industry well and we translate that knowledge into market-leading services and support. From dealing with initial enquiries to claims-handling, we have the insight, the experience and the industry relationships to meet the most demanding needs.

Expert Claims Handling

A set of core values that is deeply ingrained in our team and which guides the way we work with brokers and clients. Our approach to business is based on:

  • Global market leading 24/7 claims handling and claims management service
  • One of the insurance industry’s most sophisticated online claims solutions ClaimPro, incorporating valuable online reports and risk management tools
  • In-house medical and legal expertise providing a ground up legal defence and ground up reserving for our clients
  • Experienced gate-keepers working in conjunction with local legal experts, quickly assess claim validity and identify next steps
  • Clients are made aware of and involved in all stages of our professional and transparent “ground-up” claims handling service
  • Close monitoring of legal spend/cost control


  • Defend the defensible
  • Settle the indefensible fairly and promptly
  • Minimise legal costs through careful control
  • Consider reputational issues

Online Solutions


Clients who choose to take advantage of our online services – ClaimPro, benefit from a unique approach to claims handling. ClaimPro provides real-time access for clients, local panel lawyers and service providers.

Online Insurance Portal (OLP)

The MPLC’s Online Portal (OLP) is a bespoke client solution which has been developed by The MPLC. The portal allows individual Doctors, Dentists and Allied Healthcare Professionals to apply, purchase and pay for their insurance cover.

Further details our our online solutions can be found here

24/7 Legal Advice

Our 24/7 legal helpline means that we are there when you need us most.

  • Answers – Not just more questions
  • Recommendations – Not just options
  • Strategy and Tactics – Not just a legal view in a vacuum
  • Clear English – Without legalese or caveats

Confidential Advice

At The MPLC, our clients can call one of our specialists off the record, to discuss any issue around people and processes. In our experience, this support can bring complex matters into focus and help a client see his or her way through what may be a challenging period. There are times when there is simply no substitute for a quiet, confidential conversation with a knowledgeable expert.

Healthcare Expertise

Our healthcare expertise means that we can get to the heart of clinical issues very quickly, thereby ensuring that costs are not wasted in exploring irrelevant aspects of the patient’s treatment, choosing the right experts, and coming to the correct decision on disposal of a claim.

Open Claims Review

We are able to provide clients with a professional review of a broad selection of open claims. This includes evaluating claims history and identifying any issues that may require addressing. This review will help ensure that robust systems are in place to handle claims, complaints and any adverse incidents that may impact the business. The outcomes include:

  • Brief summary of the current situation
  • Our opinion on the adequacy of reserves
  • Evaluation of file management strategy
  • Our overall opinion on defensibility
  • Recommendations

Clinical Governance Review

Unlike generalist insurers, we have extensive first-hand experience of both healthcare and underwriting. Our team is able to carry out a detailed review of our clients’ systems and processes, from Board to ward, providing independent advice and recommendations to ensure that best practice is being followed. For healthcare institutions worldwide, effective clinical governance underpins quality and the provision of safe care.

Although a Clinical Governance Review is always tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each client, it is likely to embrace:

  • Leadership, governance and management
  • Clinical risk management
  • Patient and public involvement
  • Staff appointment and retention issues

Support of Leading Brokers

We have a history of working alongside leading global and independent insurance and reinsurance brokers in long-term relationships characterised by trust and mutual respect. Whilst the brokers give our clients access to market-leading cover, we provide them with knowledge, expertise and a thoroughly professional service. We operate through an established network of registered Lloyd’s brokers and local independent brokers. However, we are continually looking to develop new relationships to expand this network. For more information on becoming an approved broker, please contact us.