Online Portal (OLP)

The MPLC’s Online Portal (OLP) is a bespoke client solution which has been developed by The MPLC. The portal allows individual Doctors, Dentists and Allied Healthcare Professionals to apply, purchase and pay for their insurance cover.

The portal also allows for policyholders to update their coverage details and to notify and monitor the progress of their claim(s). Using their unique identity and password, the individual logs on to the OLP and is routed to their private and dedicated area, hosted on The MPLC’s server.

Our ‘white label’ client solution can be fully configured for Brokers, Associations and other Healthcare clients. It is designed to be scalable and is highly configurable to incorporate corporate logos and preferred style of fonts, colours.

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The MPLC's OLP for the notification of a claim

The user can select "Notify Claim" and is presented with a template to complete. The template may be saved and returned to at a later date and supporting documents may be uploaded. Once complete, the template is submitted and is written directly to The MPLC's claim management system, ClaimPro as a 'First Notification'


An executive summary of the claim can be available to the individual by selecting their 'Claims History' tab on the OLP.

All underwriting, documentation production and issuance is completed by the MPLC from Gibraltar - this is no sub-delegation.

To arrange a live demo or to discuss ways in which we may be able to help streamline the delivery of medical professional liability insurance products and other online services for your clients, please contact us at


Clients who choose to take advantage of our online service – ClaimPro benefit from a unique approach to claims handling. ClaimPro provides real-time access for clients, local panel lawyers and service providers.

Whenever a claim is made, our aim is to help streamline the process, ensuring that rapid resolution is reached without incurring unnecessary costs.

We believe it is important to be involved with a claim at the earliest stage. Not only does this allow us to offer timely advice on the defensibility of the claim, but it also helps to minimise legal costs.

Our team has extensive international experience both as (re)insurance and healthcare professionals – there are few events they have not previously encountered, and they are able to apply this valuable knowledge to every claim.

We harness this in-house capability to the talents of our preferred panel of international legal specialists as well as the best in local professional legal advice, as appropriate, to deliver peace of mind to our clients and enable rapid resolution.



For an online demonstration of ClaimPro, please contact