US Jurisdiction

Although we are not able to provide insurance or reinsurance for businesses domiciled in the US, in certain circumstances our policies can provide US jurisdiction for US companies in respect of their non-US medical professional liability exposure.

Some examples include providing cover for:

  • US companies and universities which:
    • Manage, operate or own hospitals in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Latin America.
    • Provide international healthcare expertise and/or international placements for physicians, nurses and students.
    • Provide humanitarian, charitable and other health education throughout Africa, Asia or Latin America.
  • Multi-national mining and oil exploration companies which provide medical services for their (on-site) expatriate and local staff.
  • Major international private hospitals and schools which may treat US Nationals working in, studying or visiting their city.
  • Caribbean and transatlantic cruise ships for on-board medical services and beauty treatments.

Reinsurance can also be offered for US healthcare providers which have captives based in offshore jurisdictions such as Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

The limits of indemnity are up to USD15 million (any one claim) and USD30 million (annual aggregate).