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Press Release - Released: 1st May 2013

The MPLC expands its panel of subscribing Lloyd's Syndicates and increases its US Jurisdiction professional liability limits to USD15M

The Medical Professional Liability Company Ltd ("The MPLC") is delighted to announce the addition of Brit Syndicate 2987 to its US Jurisdiction medical professional liability facility. Effective from 1st June 2013, Brit Syndicate 2987 will join existing subscribing Syndicates Pembroke Managing Agency Limited Syndicate 4000, Amlin Syndicate 2001 and Ark Syndicate Management Limited Syndicate 4020.

Launched in January 2011, the facility provides cover for US companies and individuals who provide clinical services outside of the US. Examples of which include:-

  • US Companies and Universities which:-
    • Manage, operate or own Hospitals in the Middle East Africa, Asia and Latin America.
    • Provide international healthcare expertise and/or international placements for physicians, nurses and students;
    • Provide charitable and other health education throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Multi-national mining and oil exploration companies which provide medical services for their (on-site) expatriate and local staff;
  • Major International Private Hospitals and Schools which may treat US Nationals working in, studying or visiting their city;
  • Caribbean and transatlantic Cruise ships for on-board medical services and beauty treatments. Insurance and facultative reinsurance can also be offered for captives based in Bermuda, Cayman or elsewhere for companies providing non-US medical services.

Maximum limits available for this facility will increase to USD15M any one claim and USD30M in the annual aggregate.

John Young, Managing Director of The MPLC said: "We are very pleased that Brit have agreed to participate in this very successful facility which has had an excellent response from the market since its launch. We anticipate that the addition of Brit capacity and the increased limits will ensure its continued success in the future."

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