Claims Handling

Whenever a claim is made, our aim is to help streamline the process, ensuring that rapid resolution is reached without incurring unnecessary costs.

How do we do this? By combining one of the insurance industry’s most sophisticated online claims handling solutions with the reliable, personal guidance that can only be provided by an in-depth knowledge of our clients and their circumstances.

We believe it is important to be involved with a claim at the earliest stage. Not only does this allow us to offer timely advice on the defensibility of the claim, but it also helps to minimise legal costs. Our senior people have extensive international experience both as insurance and healthcare professionals – there are few events they have not previously encountered and they are able to apply this valuable knowledge to every claim. We harness this in-house capability to the talents of our preferred panel of international legal specialists as well as the best in local professional legal advice, as appropriate, to deliver peace of mind to our clients and enable rapid resolution.

The healthcare expertise within the MPLC means that we can get to the heart of the clinical issues very quickly, thereby ensuring that costs are not wasted in exploring irrelevant aspects of the patient’s treatment, choosing the right experts, and coming to the correct decision on disposal of a claim.

Clients who choose to take advantage of our online service - ClaimPro, which has been developed in conjunction with Kennedys, benefit from a unique approach to claims handling

  • Claims can be  notified online via our secure ClaimPro software solution
  • Kennedys and our own in-house experts work closely together to quickly assess claim validity and identify next steps via ClaimPro, clients are made aware of and involved in all stages of our professional and transparent claims handling service
  • ClaimPro incorporates valuable online reports and risk management tools

For an online demonstration of ClaimPro, please contact Steve Ellis.